What is Ryukyu Budan Shoryu Matsuri Daiko?

Ryukyu Budan Shoryu Matsuri Daiko

The group was formed on February 7, 2010 as a contemporary “Creative-Eisa-Group”.

This is the new style of Eisa performed by using rock and pop music as a substitute for traditional music, and dancing to the rhythm of its music in order to enhance the sense of performing arts.
For this reason, we have introduced typical “Karate” forms called “Kata” and elements from classical performing arts called “Ryukyu-Buyo” into our choreography.
Furthermore, unlike traditional style of Eisa, we have the characteristic that our female members, just like male members, dance lively, beating large very thick drum called “O-daiko” suspended with a belt of purple thin cloth to their shoulder.
This makes our style a blend of tradition and innovation, with dynamic performances that take Eisa to the next level.

During the Ryukyu Kingdom Era, Ryukyuan people knew the importance of coming into contact with different cultures, so they strived for the improvement of cultural exchange through maritime trades with the other nations, including the Ming(China), Korea, Japan, and South-East Asia.
They became “Bankoku-Shinryo(萬國津梁)” that is translated as “Bridge between Nations,” and is named after a phrase engraved on the large bronze-bell at Shuri Castle.
This is the proof of the welcoming-spirit of Okinawans toward the other cultures and people from all over the world.
Cherishing the traditional principle of “Bankoku-Shinryo,” we have been trying to offer the Okinawan performing arts to the people across Japan, making every effort to elaborate stage-direction and performance in creative ways, and we have interacted with many different cultures through Okinawa-related event during festivals both inside and outside Japan.
From now on, we will introduce the Okinawan culture from Tokyo where our group is based to the entire world.

we want our group to become :
 - the best seat of developing Okinawan performing arts
 - the cradle of creation of the new wave of Eisa
 - a fortress for expanding Okinawan’s heart of welcoming different culture

We will do our best to enchant the people watching our performances, living up to our faith that having the spirit of “Bankoku-shinryo” contributes to world peace!

Ryukyu Budan Shoryu Matsuri Daiko

琉球舞団 昇龍祭太鼓